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Seasonal Package Information

Types of Packages

Seasonal Premium Site Package- This package is best suited for seasonal customers that stay for the entire season, or for customers that desire a premium full hookup site in one of our open year-round sections which are equipped with metered electric. The rates for these packages are: Seasonal Plus Power ($1,716.00 +power consumption) power is metered and billed at the end of the season or monthly, (if power usage exceeds $100 on any given month the bill shall be due on the first day of the month).  Seasonal All Inclusive $2,078.00 (includes power)

Both allow customers unlimited season long access to their RV and unrestricted power to run a a/c or whatever you wish in the RV, even when your away.

For customers that desire a specific premium site and usually only occupy the RV on game weekends we highly recommend the Plus Power rate. For customers planning to stay for all or most of the entire season the All-Inclusive may be the best bet. Last season we only had a few customers that got close to exceeding the $349 in allotted power with the all-inclusive rate. Customers who will mostly be using their RV game to game and are slightly power conscious will be surprised what little power RVs use in the mild climate of the fall here in Tuscaloosa. In 2019 the average seasonal power bill was $98 total for the Plus Power package.

Seasonal Weekend with Basic & Electric Storage Level 2 Avalon Only- Occupy your RV on-site Thursday afternoon to Sunday morning during all Alabama football home game weekends. Customers that select this package will enjoy one of the best bargains for RV’ing in all of Tuscaloosa. Sites are closer together than the other premium sites we offer but compared to most gameday sites in town they are still very generous and attractive. HD cable is complimentary.                                                                                                                                              

Basic Storage is for customers that wish to keep their RVs in dry storage (no hookup) in between games.             

Electric storage is intended for powering refrigeration and battery chargers ONLY. If lights, or air conditioning units are noticed running by staff on any non-gameday weekends the RV will be charged $50 per week between games while service is on (for example if a/c is noticed and documented running on Monday and a game weekend begins the following Thursday the charge will be $50).  If you wish to power more equipment than the basic package allows just let us know in advance and we will place a temporary meter on your site and charge for usage monthly as we do with all other metered sites via sub metering. We occasionally have customers that wish to arrive a day or two early for this section. Customers who wish to do this will only be charged the standard overnight rate for the additional days. Please call us in advance if you wish to come in early or stay longer. Long term stays (more than two nights consecutively) are not allowed in this section; however, customers may move their RV to another section if a longer stay is required in between games at normal daily/weekly rates. The RV must be moved back to intended section by Wednesday afternoon prior to the next gameday weekend unless sites are available for that section in which case customer will be charged regular Non-Seasonal Weekend rate if you wish to remain in the section. Additional agreement must be signed prior to moving RV.

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